James "Andrew" Luna is a second generation tailor who spent his youth working in his father's tailor shop in southern California. James' father was an icon in the Garden Grove, California community. His tailor shop grew to cater to both athletes and actors, yet he never forgot his humble beginnings.

Mr. Genaro Luna Sr. performed tailoring services for such notables as James Cagney, Lee Marvin, Don Ho, and Cesar Romero. Mr. Luna and his wife Herlinda Luna Sr. were fixtures with personnel from the Los Angeles Rams and California Angels.

Through working with his father, James was instilled with a strong work ethic and customer centered philosophy. James' parents taught him to perform major alterations and to make garments and patterns from scratch.
On 5/10/2013
Lonnie Smith V.S. Cornelieus Lock
ESPN2 Boxing Match James Andrew designed the boxing trunks for "Lightening" Lonnie Smith!
The JA Craftmanship was seen LIVE nationwide in approximately 350,0000 homes.
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